Take a well aged man of the 80’s and drop him in today's cluttered world of over-sharing and passive aggressive glad handing, then watch the sparks fly. ARMAN HOCKER draws upon a life of  globe trotting and being immersed in various cultures.

Arman’s no-holds-barred and very opinionated perspective has been featured on his own podcast, “The Arman Hocker Project” for over 2 years.

Arman’s “The Arman Hocker Project" is full of raw, unfiltered, off-the-cuff conversations and deep insights with a diverse mix of engaging personalities from the worlds of fitness, mixed martial arts music, film, TV, comedy and more.

Dean's guests have included Bruce Green(actor), Stephanie Smith(strong woman competitor), Angle Oliveras(Mixed Martial Artist) and more... 

Before he found his calling as the no non-sense, no filtered podcast host he is today, Arman served in the U.S. Navy and has visited some of the not so better places in the world. His opinions, reactions and persona are 100% authentic, running the gamut from current and trending topics to personal insight on life as a father and husband.